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Azure AD Admin Users in Groups in O365 Admin Center - 'Can't Display. Try Again'


If your getting the message 'Can't display. Try again' in the Groups section of the O365 Admin Center, this occurs because the tenancy doesn't have any active O365 licenses.


So the alternative way to do it via the Azure AD admin link on the bottom under 'Admin Centers' as per below from O365 portal.



This is in relation to the email you received when provisioning the Azure subscription and following the steps in the email to give access - Your Azure Subscription is ready as per below

Customer Access: We have created two access groups within your customer tenant for local users to gain access to the Azure Admin Portal. This is ideal for tenants who have the technical ability and want to manage their own Azure infrastructure, or Accounts personnel who require access to usage data.


Simply add the user account to either of the following groups, and they can then log in with their accounts via https://portal.azure.com/ 


AzureAdmin: For administrative access to the Azure Admin Portal, including setting up new services or editing existing services. We suggest you add the global administrator account of the tenancy to this group – usually admin@*.onmicrosoft.com


AzureView: For read-only access to the Azure Admin Portal, and to run reports.