Prime API Access

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your interest in rhipe’s Prime Portal APIs. These APIs have been built from ground up to support our partners integrating with our systems.

Please find attached a Getting Started guide that will run you through the basics of using the Prime API for CSP provisioning. We have also recorded a Webinar where we went through examples. This webinar is available at

Please find below your client credentials for accessing our APIs:

  • Client Id : <Insert Client ID>
  • Client Secret : <Insert Client Secret>

These credentials are unique to your organization and your customers so please ensure they are kept in a secure place.

Please note the following:

  • These are credentials to access your production platform so please be aware that any subscriptions that you provision will be billed if you don’t suspend them before the 15th of the month.
  • Access to these APIs comes with limited coding support and it is a requirement that use of these API’s requires an intermediate understanding of coding for REST APIs and OAUTH2 Authorization. We therefore provide support in instances where partners cannot integrate for reasons not related to basic coding requirements or questions.

Kind Regards