Removing the CSP as Delegated Admin in Office 365 Customer Tenants

This has to be done by A GLOBAL ADMIN ACCOUNT IN THE TENANT. Delegated access cannot perform these steps.

REMEMBER: The CSP Partner Relationship has two parts - the Delegate Admin ('and Admin' part) and the Cloud Solution Provider part which allows licensing.

Removing delegated administration of a CSP is done from within the Office 365 Admin Center of the customer tenant. Logon to your customer’s tenant through your Partner Center dashboard (if you have delegated admin rights to your customer’s tenant) or by using Global Admin credentials and logging in at

Delete a partner relationship

When you delete a partner relationship, the partner can’t access or modify your Office 365 service any more. You can delete a partner at any time.

In Office 365:

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.

  2. Go to the Office 365 admin center.

  3. Go to USERS > Partner Relationships.

  4. On the PARTNER RELATIONSHIPS page, select the partner that you want to delete, and then delete Delete Delete .

  5. Choose Yes, and then confirm the deletion.

Note that a CSP or partner cannot remove one’s self from the delegated admin partner relationship.  Another party with global admin credentials must do this.

If at a later time the customer and/or you decide you need the assistance of the CSP, reach out to them and have them send a request for delegated administration which can be accepted by the customer.  This will reestablish the relationship immediately.

Once the above is done rhipe cant see tenant in PC.

What about the underlying subscription or Delegate license removal?

This will need to be manually deleted after about one year to 13 months, depending on the time left on the 12 month subscription. You can check the renewal date in Partner Center. It will take approx 30-35 days AFTER the expiry of the subscription before the CSP relationship is able to be removed. 

Even though the delegated admin permissions have been revoked, a CSP can still see subscription and license related information.  This is so the CSP can add/renew/remove licenses and subscriptions should the customer require it in the future. 

Also, the CSP can suspend a subscription, just like Microsoft can suspend a subscription for non payment.  FYI, suspended subscriptions are held a year before deletion, so no risk of a CSP deleting a subscription unilaterally and irrevocably.