Office 365 - Find missing email from the past week

The mail flow troubleshooter is a simplified version of message trace that also checks for problems with your organization's domain settings. The tool can search for messages sent to or from your organization in the past week.

  1. Go to the mail flow troubleshooter.

  2. Sign in with a global admin account for your organization.

  3. Choose Next.

    Screenshot of the beginning of the mail flow troubleshooter with the Next button selected.
  4. Choose one of the symptoms from the list.

  5. Add the email addresses of the sender and recipient of the missing message. If you know part or all of the subject line, you can add that too, but it's not required.

  6. Select the date the message was sent.

    Screenshot of the input area of the mail flow troubleshooter. Admins are required to pick a symptom and add a sender and recipient email address before choosing Next to start the troubleshooter.
  7. Choose Next.

  8. The mail flow troubleshooter runs a series of tests and returns a result. If the troubleshooter found the missing message, the results page explains what happened and how you can fix the issue.

    Screenshot showing an example of the results of the mail flow troubleshooter.

If the mail flow troubleshooter wasn't able to find your missing message, use message trace for more powerful search options.