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Delegated Administration FAQ

What functions may a delegated administrator perform?

A person or entity authorized as a delegated administrator can perform all administrative operations related to a customer's Microsoft Online Services account(s), just as the customer would be permitted to do.

These administrative operations can include, but are not limited to, creation of user accounts, creation of e-mail boxes, or addition / deletion / editing / copying / archiving / transfer of data / transformation of data.

What are some benefits of selecting a delegated administrator?

Selecting a delegated administrator familiar with administering Microsoft Online Services accounts may free customer from having to learn to perform these functions itself and may enable customer to obtain support services from the delegated administrator.

What are some risks of selecting a delegated administrator?

Because a delegated administrator will have full administrative access to a customer's account, the delegated administrator will have access to all customer data.

Depending on the nature of the subscription or service, customer may suffer direct or indirect harm if the delegated administrator fails to provide certain functions for customer, e.g., if the delegated administrator does not perform timely backup of data or the delegated administrator does not timely provision new mailboxes for customer employees.

A delegated administrator could, because of its role, accidentally or intentionally harm customer through loss or misuse of customer's data. There is nothing in the system to prevent this.

Microsoft does not approve, monitor, or manage the delegated administrator.

If customer elects to de-authorize a previously authorized delegated administrator, Microsoft will make all reasonable attempts to do so promptly. However, this removal is not instantaneous and during this processing time the delegated administrator will continue to have full access to the customer's subscriptions.

How do I disable a delegated administrator?

You may disable a delegated administrator's access to your account at any time.

To disable a delegated administrator's access, see Remove a Delegated Administrator in the online Help.