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Find and fix issues after adding your domain or DNS records in Office 365

Getting your domain set up to work with Office 365 can be challenging. The DNS system is very precise and can be difficult to work with. DNS setup for your domain affects important business activities like email.

Can't verify your domain?

There are a couple of common reasons that domain verification doesn't work as it should:

  1. The verification record value isn't quite correct. Double-check that you've copied and pasted the exact value into the TXT verification record at your DNS host. One common issue is not including the "MS=msxxxxxx" part of the record. We need that too!

  2. The record hasn't been saved. At some DNS hosts, you have to take an extra step to save the zone file (where the DNS record is stored) so that it will update across the Internet. Make sure you've saved your changes so Office 365 can see and verify the record.

  3. The record hasn't updated across the Internet. It typically only takes a few minutes for us to be able to see the new record, but occasionally it can take as long as a few hours. If you've waited longer than that, and you're sure the record value is correct, please call Cloud Support so we can validate this for you.


Services not working with your domain?

We can help you track down issues with your domain's DNS setup. The domains troubleshooter in Office 365 will show you any records that need fixing, and exactly what the records need to be set to. This video shows you how, or you can follow step-by-step help (below the video) to fix the records at your registrar.


Start by making sure that the DNS records for your custom domain are set up correctly.

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your administrative account.

    If you see this screen when you sign in, click Switch back to the old admin center to complete this procedure.

    Switch back to the old admin center

  2. Go the Manage domains page.

  3. Choose the domain that you're working with, and then choose Fix issues. (If you don't see the Fix issuesstatus for your domain, choose Find and fix issues to the right to start the troubleshooter.)

    Choose your domain and choose Fix issues

    The domains troubleshooter identifies any DNS records, including your MX record, that are set up incorrectly for Office 365, and shows you the correct entries to use for your domain.

    Choose an issue to fixFix the issue as indicated