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Powershell for Office 365

PowerShell (also known as Windows PowerShell) is a command-line environment that's designed specifically for system administration. It can help you modify system settings, including ones you cannot find within the Office 365 Admin Center.

Powershell comes pre-installed on all machines from Windows 8 onwards. Most Windows 7 machines also have it too.

Get the PowerShell modules

To connect to your Office 365 with Powershell, you need to install the modules for all the relevant Office 365 systems. You will need the following modules:

  • Azure Active Directory Module (for Office 365)
  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype for Business Online

The cmdlets for administering Exchange Online are not in modules that you can download. They are only available when you connect, and you can then import them.



After installing the modules, you can open a Powershell command window and connect to the office 365 tenancy.