24 Hour Delay on Account changes

Use this procedure to change a user name and email address.

  1. Sign in to Office 365
  2. Click on the tiles icon in the top left, click on it and select 'Admin'.
  3. Go to Users Active users.
  4. You may need to search for that user you want to change. Once you se ethe user, click on it and on the right of the page select Edit
  5. Select the Details tabs, and change the user name.
  6. Complete your changes, and then select Save.
  7. Let the person know what their new user ID is. They’ll need it to sign in.

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for this change to take effect across all services.

After the change has taken effect, the user will have to sign in to Outlook, Skype for Business and SharePoint with their updated user name, so make sure to tell them about this change.

Changing the user name updates the users's primary email address, which is the same as the account name that they use to log into Office 365. The user's previous primary email address is added as additional email address. Don't remove this email address, the user will continue to receive email sent to the previous email address. 

Skype for Business

Changing the user name triggers a re-provisioning of the user in Skype for Business. If the user is has a Skype for Business Account, they will need to reschedule any meetings to update their name, and ask their external contacts to update the old contact to the new name.

Mobile devices

If the user has changed their password as well as their user name, they will need to change their username on their device, and enter their password.