Creating a new Office 365 Tenant

Step 1 - Client Information

  • Fill out the order form with your clients company information, providing a primary contact within the end user company.
  • Ensure to select the correct country for your client as this determines which data center the services are provisioned from.
  • Click Next to continue to product selection


The details entered here must be that of your customer.
Your partner information is stored based on your login to our portal and there is no need for you to enter your information.
The Partner of Record is set automatically to you.

Step 2 - Product Selection

  • Here can select the products you would like to provision for your client
  • You can either enter the quantity directly or adjust the quantity using the up and down arrows

Step 3 - Order Overview

  • Using the overview section on the right, confirm the selected products and associated quantity.
  • Click Place Order to provision the tenant and purchase the products.

Step 4 - Order Confirmation

Once the order has been submitted, it is automatically processed and a confirmation email is generated.

The email consists of four distinct and equally important sections.

  1. Client Details
    With the exception of the assigned domain, all details can be changed from within the clients Office 365 Admin Center control panel.
    The assigned domain is used as a unique identifier of the Office 365 tenant and cannot be changed once created. This is for the initial setup only and the customers’ actual domain is applied to the tenant during the normal setup process to mask the assigned domain.

  2. Primary Contact Details
    The partner is assigned as the primary email contact for the tenant, using the email address associated with your portal login. This email address is the same as what the order confirmation notification was sent to, this too can be changed from with the clients Office 365 Admin Center control panel.

  3. Admin Login Details
    Each new Office 365 tenant is assigned a generic username and a temporary onetime use password.
    Visit to login as the customer using the included username and password. You will be asked to re-enter the temporary password and enter a new password.

  4. Account Manager Details
    For your convenience your rhipe Account Manager and/or Business Development Manager contact details are included on the bottom of the email.
    Please contact them if you have any sales related or general enquiries, alternatively contact rhipe CSP Technical Support via email at for any technical enquiries.