How to install Project Pro from Office 365

What do I need?

Before you get started with installation, be sure you have the following:

  • Notification of a purchased license for Project Pro via the rhipe CSP Program;

  • A user account to assign the license to;

  • The user has a Windows PC to install the program on. 

If you have a Mac, installation requires some extra steps. Take a look at this post on Microsoft's Project Support blog for more information, or possibly consider

 Project Online for browser-based, collaborative project management tools. Project Online requires a separate license from Project Pro for Office 365, and rhipe can provision that for you too.

Applying the license

  1. Log into the Office 365 Admin Center as an administrator, or delegated admin.
  2. Go to USERS > Active Users. Either find the user, or do a search to find them. Edit the user and go to the licensing page. Add the available Project Pro license to the user and save the changes.

Where do I go to install?

  1. Once the license is applied to the user, they should log into the Office 365 portal with their user account.

  2. The software assigned to their user account should be available on the Software page labelled as Project Pro for Office 365.

  3. Choose your language, and then click Install.

  4. Click Run.

    Choose Run
  5. Click Yes to allow the installation to run.

    You may need to close some programs before continuing with installation.

  6. Installation happens in the background. You'll know that Project Pro for Office 365 is being installed when you see a notification like this:
Notification about installation

When installation is done, you'll see another notification, and you can start digging in!

The user cannot see the software!

If you have assigned the license and the user cannot see the software, then please Submit a new incident