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Interface Overview


Access your notes anywhere

What good are notes, plans, and ideas if they’re trapped on a hard drive?
Keep your notebooks available to you by signing in with your free Microsoft account when you first start OneNote on your PC.
There’s even a free OneNote app for all of your preferred devices to stay in sync wherever you go.


Save your work automatically

OneNote automatically saves all of your changes as you work — so you never have to. Even when you close the app or your PC goes to sleep, your notes are always saved, so you can continue right where you left off.
To see when OneNote last synced your changes, click File > Info > View Sync Status.


Never run out of paper

OneNote doesn’t have any of the limitations of a traditional paper notebook. When you run out of room, you can just make more.

To create a new page in the current section, click the (+) Add Page button at the top of the page tabs column. You can also right-click any page tab and then click New Page, or press Ctrl+N on your keyboard.

To create a new section in the current notebook, click the small tab with the plus sign [+] to the right of the section tab bar, or right-click any section tab and then click New Section.

When you first launch OneNote, a default notebook with a Quick Notes section is created for you, but you can easily create any number of additional notebooks for the subjects and projects you want by clicking File > New.