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Prime Portal Access For Tenants/Customers

  • Is there an ordering system for tenants/Customers to provision licenses?

We have an impersonation feature for us to get into each partner's 'account' if you like. This is not available for end customers to use yet, however the underlying architecture is there. You might note that creating a user account under a customer account should return an error.

We are pushing more system wide changes to the CSP Program within Prime Portal in terms of ordering, transitioning and managing customers as our biggest priority. This includes re-designing the manage customer page to make it more user-friendly, and adding some important safety mechanisms such as not suspending Azure subscriptions. We feel these are more important at the current time and will have the greatest benefit. 

Once we have made these planned changes and squished any bugs arising, then opening up customer access to directly place orders in Prime becomes possible. There is a number of prerequisites we would need to get into place such as AzureAD integration and authentication, and also a way for our partners to set their own pricelists. But I can assure you it is on the longer-term feature list and we are working towards it.

We have a number of partners that are using our Prime API to integrate directly with their own existing systems. We are moving to an new version of API so all new requests for access keys are currently on hold until our next Prime feature release is made public. The new release will include the new API. That is scheduled for release in the current quarter.